Roger Clemens testified before Congress today that the only injections he received from Brian McNamee, his former trainer, were the vitamin B-12 or the pain reliever Lidocaine. McNamee, on the other hand, insisted before a House panel that that he injected Clemens with only testosterone, the steroid Winstrol or human growth hormone. The committee’s chairman, Rep. Henry Waxman, stated the obvious by saying, “Someone isn’t telling the truth.”

McNamee’s allegations originally surfaced in ex-Senator George Mitchell’s report to Congress on the state of steroids in Major League Baseball. Also named in the report, from McNamee’s allegations, were Clemens’s former teammates, Chuck Knoblauch and Andy Pettitte. Both Pettitte and Knoblauch have acknowledged that the allegations about them were true.

Pettitte, Clemens’s good friend, who has played with him since 1999 for either the New York Yankees or Houston Astros, weakened Clemens’s credibility by testifying about a time several years ago that he recalled that Roger mentioned taking human growth hormone. Clemens dismissed Pettitte’s testimony saying he must have misheard the remark.