Well, Florida defeated the Ohio State Buckeyes in the BCS National Championship Game. This leaves the only undefeated team in the nation, the Boise State Broncos, left out in the dark when deciding this year’s national champion. In the BCS poll, Ohio State still finished number 1 in the country. Does this make any sense? Can you believe that the computer rankings that are used to evaluate all the teams in the nation to determine who plays in bowl games and who doesn’t ranked Ohio State, who lost to Florida in their final game ahead of Florida? This same computer poll left Boise State, the only undefeated team in the nation, as low as 8th. Let me give you a moment to let this set in … 8th!!!

Of course neither the associated press or the coaches polls gave Florida the unjustice of not winning the national title after beating the number one school in the country, but they still left Boise State out in the cold. In the Coaches Poll, the Florida Gators received all 63 votes for the number one school in the country, Ohio State finished number 2, and Boise State was left with in a measily 6th place.

In the Associated Press Poll, Boise State faired the best, where they received 1 of 65 total votes as the number one school in the country and finished in 5th. Florida of course received the other 64 votes and took home National Championship honors.

Is anybody else outraged that the only undefeated school in the nation (can you hear me beating that dead horse) couldn’t finish higher than 5th in the nation? This is a complete outrage and the BCS must instate at the very minimum a 4 team tournament to determine the national championship. In what other sport does a team, no matter how good they fair, have an impossability of winning the championship? What is the point of the lesser known conferences (i.e. Western Athletic Conference, Mid-American Conference, Conference USA, etc) of the world even competing?

Even in NCAA basketball these teams have a chance of competing. Just last year George Mason University, of the Colonial Athletic Conference, made it to the Final Four in the NCAA BAsketball Tournament, ultimately losing to Florida who wen on to win the National Title. But at least they were given the chance to play until they lost or won it all. It’s this win or go home format that all sports fans can appreciate. Leave it all on the court/field/etc or why are you playing! Well, that’s exactly what Boise State did this year and they should be rewarded with an opportunity to play Florida for the “real” championship game.