It’s been a long time since I’ve wrote an article and my, my there’s alot to be writing about. The Buffalo Sabres are making their way through the playoffs in route of their goal of winning the Stanley Cup, the 2007 NFL Draft just came to a close, the Kentucky Derby is rapidly approaching, and the first month of the baseball season is coming to a close. Unfortunately, I am writing about none of these.

Early Sunday morning, pitcher Josh Hancock, of the St. Louis Cardinals died in a car accident on Interstate 64 in St. Louis. According to the St. Louis Police Dept., Hancock’s 2007 Ford Explorer hit a tow truck at approximately 12:35 a.m. CT and he died at the scene, possibly at the moment of impact. It’s the second time in only a five-year span that the Cardinals have lost an active player. Darryl Kile passed away on June 22, 2002. Hancock was just 29 years old and previously pitched for the Boston Red Sox, Philadelphia Phillies, and Cincinnati Reds.

Josh Hancock

Sunday night’s Cardinals-Cubs game, scheduled for 7:05 p.m. CT, was postponed. “The pain our organization feels today is unspeakable,” said Cardinals principal owner Bill DeWitt Jr.. “Josh was a great competitor with a strong will to win. His fellow Cardinals will tell you that Josh was a consummate teammate with a terrific spirit that served him well on the mound and in the clubhouse.”

Team Manager Tony La Russa said, “The respect that we all had for his ability to take the significant or the save-our-staff type of role was a real measure of him personally and professionally. He was a lot of fun and a terrific teammate. So trust me when I tell you this is brutal to go through.”

“Josh had a lot of friends in that clubhouse,” general manager Walt Jocketty said. “You talk about it being a family, and it is a family. And it’s very difficult.”

St. Louis Police Chief Joseph Mokwa said that police are attempting to establish the details of both the accident and the last several hours of Hancock’s life. He said it appears likely that Hancock was not driving at an excessive speed, and that no alcoholic beverage containers were found in the vehicle.

Something like this puts everything else into perspective. A baseball game is simply that, a game, and has few everlasting consequences. A person’s life is important and should be valued every chance you get. Please say a prayer for Josh’s friends and family as they cope with this tragic loss.