Tuesday evening, in NCAA basketball action, the Buffalo Bulls hosted the Bowling Green Falcons at Alumni Arena in Buffalo, NY. The two Mid-American Conference teams were meeting for the second time of the year. Their previous meeting, on Sunday January 7th, resulted on a 74-73 home win for the Falcons.

Bowling Green, despite senior guard & team leader, Martin Samarco, having an awful night shooting 6 of 26 from the field and 2 of 16 from three point territory in a 17 point effort, led most of the game. In the closing seconds of the game, Buffalo missed a key opportunity to tie the game when Bull’s forward Parnell Smith forced an off-balance, desperation attempt, not even touching the rim and seemingly losing the game. What happened in the next few minutes was confusing and quite humorous.

Everybody in the arena believed the game was over. Bowling Green ran off the court and into the locker room believing they had won the game. Coach Dan Dakich later claimed a referee indicated the game was over.

After officials reviewed the play, they determined 0.6 seconds were to be put onto the clock and Bowling Green would inbound the ball with a lead of 77-75. The only problem was Bowling Green was no longer on the court.

This is when Buffalo coach Reggie Witherspoon flew off the handle arguing to officials that his players were on the court ready to play and Bowling Green was not and should be charged with a technical foul. The referees hesitated and Witherspoon got more upset. He started to throw a fit and stood on the sideline reaching over the referee booth and repeatedly hit the game buzzer. Minutes passed. Buffalo’s pep band began to play in the absence of game play to fill the silent void. Witherspoon then ran out onto the court and pleaded with the band to stop playing and once the band stopped playing, silence ran through Alumni Arena and you could clearly hear the echo of Witherspoon’s voice yelling, “Hit the buzzer again,” after which somebody on the sideline again hit the game buzzer indicating it is time to play.

After what seemed like forever, Bowling Green players and personnel returned court side. Coach Dakich was arguing with the referees and it wasn’t immediately clear why. Apparently the referees had assessed a technical foul for delay of game on the Falcons for not returning to the court fast enough upon notification that the game was still not over. Moroccan center, senior Yassin Idbihi, went to the line making two clutch free throws to tie the game at 77 for the Bulls. After Bowling Green’s heave attempt missed, the two would begin an overtime period.

With all the momentum, Buffalo quickly took the lead for the first time since 30 seconds into the game. They didn’t look back, scoring 21 points in the 5 minute overtime period and winning with a final score of 98-90. Idbihi finished with a 28 points, a career high, and 20 rebounds. Sophomore guard Eric Moore came off the bench adding 24 points. Smith had 10 points and 11 rebounds.

Junior guard Ryne Hamblow led Falcon scoring with 24 points. Sophomore Nate Miller scored 20 points with 10 rebounds.